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  • Eurochurch.net (ECN) provides a platform for dialogue and sharing to facilitate missional thinking and church planting in Europe. Working through conferences, forums, publications, lectures, and training we seek to develop missional leadership for missional church in 21st century Europe, united and effective in taking the good news about Jesus Christ back to the least-evangelised continent.

    ECN is hopeful about the future of the church in Europe because we believe that God is at work.  We recognise that the future is shaped by committed minorities who use creative imagination to explore God’s purposes.  We acknowledge that history often hinges on the courageous activity of a single generation.  We desire this generation to be a hinge on which the future will be redirected. 

    Our conference in April 2015 - KAIROS - was a great success.  Read more about it by clicking here.


    Essential Reading currently on offer:

    London as a future centre of world Christianity? - Martin Robinson reflects on a recent speech by the Bishop of London.

    From a wall to a bridge - Tim Herbert reviews the EEMA conference in Bucharest and its implications for cooperation in mission across Europe.

    Revolutions in European Mission - This year's EEMA conference looks excellent!

    Luis Suárez - Tim Herbert reflects on the relative merits of gifting and character.

    Shifting currents in turbulent times?  Martin Robinson reflects on what a growing interest in 'spirituality' really means.

    Avatar?  Tim Herbert considers on how to welcome Generation Y into the church in Europe.

    Martin Robinson reflects on Signs of Change from the SENT conference in Norway

    Martin Robinson reflects on the 'conversion' of Ulf Ekman to Roman Catholicism and wonders if it's really that surprising.

    Stefan Paas asks a simple question we all think we know the answer to.  But is there really a causal link between church planting and church growth?

    Tony Palmer and Pope Francis appeal for fraternal unity between protestants and Roman Catholics in a special video.  Read more about this historic breakthrough in our news report.

    Martin Robinson comments on Missionaries as Nation-Makers

    Tony Palmer reflects on Rediscovering the Sacred within the Secular

    Martin Robinson asks whether we are engaged in frantic activity or actual significance

    Martin Robinson considers the need for Continuing the Missional Conversation

    Martin Robinson reflects on a quiet revolution going on in English church growth

    Reinhold Scharnowski writes a brief paper on Church Planting Movements in Europe - why not?, which leads to a fascinating online discussion involving Helge Hollerud, Stefan Paas, Tony Palmer, Johannes Reimer, Dietrich Schindler and Marc van der Woude.

    Tim Herbert considers the impact of poor trinitarian theology on missiology - does Jesus rescue us from God?


    Follow the link to read about these or view other articles under News>Articles from various Eurochurch Authors with insight and opinion on a range of issues.

    If you have any views on this or any of the articles please contact Tim.H@Eurochurch.net.  Members are also invited to submit their own articles for publication.


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